We create agrifood ecosystems aligning planet and people

We are entrepreneurial consultants that challenge the status quo in the agri-food industry to become more purpose driven, sustainable and consumer focused, creating impactful growth and change. We believe in the need for openness, empathy, curiosity, empowerment and diversity to transform the sector. Let’s connect, co-create solutions together and re-build an agrifood system that works for all: planet/business/people

Our Values


super creative, massive engagement, build natural collaboration


customised, build together, challenge the status quo


completely open (Naked), built on trust, share and win together


perspectives, approach, attitude

What can we do for you

We help you answer these questions...
  • Growing too slowly? Being disrupted? Not aware of the latest trends? Or are there questions marks over your product(s) or service(s)?

  • Takes forever to launch new products or services? Always creating “new and improved” versions of the same thing? Your inventions don’t excite your customers? Don’t have time to innovate?

  • Confused by new generations of consumers? Unsustainable product portfolio? Don’t know which projects to stop or grow? No visibility on measuring the impact of your projects?

  • Working in silos? Boring and traditional “innovations”? Not attracting or retaining top talent? Want to make a change for good? Does your corporate culture stifle true innovation?

Naked Innovations Process


We are a team of entrepreneurial consultants based in Barcelona serving clients around the world with fresh perspectives and game changing solutions. We fuse the most relevant elements of innovation methodologies such as design thinking, agile and lean in order to meet the needs of our clients and bring concepts to life. We are focused on getting to the root of the challenge, co-creating solutions and bringing about tangible outcomes.

Laurie Tan

An energetic and passionate disruptor. He specialises in communication, research and analysis.

Samanta Peña

Strategy and Design
A consultant with years of experience in the agri-food industry specialised in strategy building, talent acquisition, management and design.

Ryan Edwards

A thought leader in the agri-food industry with a track record of developing profitable businesses, engaged communities and high performing teams.

Karina Papalezova

Digital Product and UX
Digital product strategist with end to end understanding of brand, design, marketing, analytics and development practices

Aina Fiol

Digital Marketing and Gamification
Experience across multiple industries, leading innovative projects to solve corporate challenges, with specialist knowledge in gamification and digital media.

Ian Dorr

Digital Transformation Advisor
A Digital and Business Transformation leader, Ian has expertise in Energy, Mobility and Public Sector organisations.

Roc Fages

Ecosystem Advisor
Experienced leader in managing and developing innovation and intrapreneurship projects.

Bruno Meireles de Sousa

Startup Investments Adviser
An expert strategist, operator and investor in digital economy ecosystems with a unique business-creation-to-technology-to-financial knowledge

Maja Tampe

Sustainability Advisor
A researcher and educator, Maja investigates the agrifood sector and regenerative agriculture and teaches business school students on sustainability and leadership.

The organisations we have been working with…

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