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We are a Strategic Innovation Lab, which means we can help design your business to meet the needs of today and the wants for tomorrow.

Sometimes we are faced with complex and ambiguous problems (or even worse we don’t understand what the problem is or that it’s just around the corner from hitting us). We help create a shared understanding of what these problems are, frame them as an opportunity, and work with you and your network to co-create ideas that provide real solutions. All sounds too good to be true right! Or maybe we are just giving the same vague promises you’ve heard in the past. How are we different I hear you say?? Our team has worked within companies big (some of the biggest in fact) to small and have heard these vague promises many times before, or been treated as though there is a standard solution to any problem, when in fact we all know no two businesses are identical and what works for one may not be the right fit for another. And so, our first step is always to understand your business and define our roles as an enabler of finding the right diverse team within your and our network to co-create ideas and real solutions. We focus on the following business areas: > Strategic Research > Service Design > Digital Strategy > Organising for Innovation > Creating collaborative networked communities

  • We start by actively listening to your business and understanding your users to find your reason why and to create a shared vision. Using our fresh perspective, we look to frame the right innovation opportunity with you and lay the groundwork for change.

  • We place the user as the focal point where their real needs and wants drive everything whether it is designing a new product, building an office space or training employees the user is always front and centre.

  • We build mindsets that look for innovation across and outside of your organisation because we believe groundbreaking ideas can come from anyone and anywhere. Organisations need to create stimulating and empowering environments that will enable them to generate truly diverse and impactful ideas.

  • We create cultures of co-creation that focus on testing and validating as quickly and cost-effective as possible. Many organisations have a perfection mentality which means they often engage in long and costly projects with little validation before release.

Naked Innovations Process
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Laurie Tan

Analytical Thinker
An energetic and passionate growth hacker who always looks to drive positive change through any project or organisation he is involved in.

Ryan Edwards

Strategic Thinker
A thought leader in the agri-food industry with a track record of developing profitable businesses, engaged communities and high performing teams.

Ian Dorr

Critical Thinker
A Digital and Business Transformation leader, Ian has successfully moved across multiple industries and brings to the team, expertise in Energy, Mobility and Public Sector organisations.

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